I have this idea for a while now.. but my dog smells better after bath than when I washed my hair, maybe I should try the dog shampoo~ :>


Sooooo, I’ve been busy, trials and exams going on for the past 2 weeks and I have not been able to post any doodles/drawings, like I planned to do everyday(I did drew everyday though, but all were quick sketches and aren’t worth showing).

Therefore, since I’m done with exam, I decided to sit down and present you guys a comic instead, enjoy~ :>


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    Holy damn, that’s so funny. :D MOM!! I WANT SOME!!! x)
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    Well, it’s easy to do that premise of anthro folks being treated differently by humans. Sadly, it’s not just a cliche,...
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    waaaaaaa! this is such a cute premise for a comic (i’m reading it as, human kid becomes furry, still lives in human...
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    I’m pretty sure if was covered in fur i’d be able to wash it blind. Heck, that’s how i do it now: eyes closed.